Frequently Asked Questions

What is People's Collection Wales?

A website for you to share your memories of Wales through photographs, sound recordings, documents, videos and stories.

Drawing together the digital collections of the main heritage institutions, along with smaller museums, archives and libraries, it provides you with quick and easy access to these rich resources—allowing you to add to them, ensuring that the history you know about Wales is told.

See About Us for more about who we are.

Who can upload items?

Anyone can Register for an account to start uploading. Everyone has a piece of the jigsaw that tells the story of Wales; whether it's a comment on a photograph which has sparked a memory; or a photograph, story, letter, diary, drawing, postcard, recording (film or sound), poem or souvenir! Items like these are being forgotten, lost, thrown away, deleted, or accidentally damaged on a daily basis. Using People's Collection Wales to share these items enriches our national heritage and preserves them for future generations.

  • upload your items
  • create collections, stories and trails
  • collect other users items and create new collections or stories from them
  • add a comment to enrich the detail on that item

How can local community and historical groups get involved?

We have a dedicated team that visits Welsh communities, supporting and encouraging groups and individuals to use the website and share their content. They work with local community groups in order to build new skills and enable community digitisation projects. This can be combined with advice that explores the different ways to contribute and utilise the tools available within People's Collection Wales.

To find out more about how you can get involved, see what we have to offer individuals, groups and communities.

What is moderation?

All content uploaded to the site is moderated before appearing to the public. When you contribute an item you will be asked to provide information such as a title, description and, importantly, copyright information.

Once you have submitted an item for moderation, it enters a queue and is assessed according to the Terms of use and privacy. While the item is in moderation, it is only visible to the you but not to other users of the site.

What file formats and sizes are allowed?

The file types that can be uploaded are as follows (max upload size is 200MB):

  • Images: png, gif, jpg or pdf
  • Video: mp4
  • Audio: mp3
  • Text: txt, doc
  • 3D Objects: obj