How to search

The website offers two search functions: Quick Search; and Browse and Filter, which uses a range of tags, subjects and time periods.

Quick Search

In the main menu search tool, enter a word and hit return. This is a 'Google' type search using keywords that will retrieve results containing one or more of the keywords entered. Results are sorted by date-published, with the most recent appearing first.

search icon
figure 1 – main menu search tool

Use special characters to get more specific search results, for example:

CharSearch typeExampleNotes
,either orold, booksSearch for old or books
+must includeold +booksSearch for old, results must also include books
-must not includeold -booksSearch for old but not books
*fuzzy searchaber*Search for words like abersomething

Browse and Filter

Go to The Collection, where topic-filters are nested under subject headers. To narrow the number of results found, as an example below, ‘Legends, tales & myths’ has been selected retuning 700 items – 695 Items, 1 Collection, 1 Trail and 3 Stories. Select another filter to narrow results further.

facets and categoriesfacets and categories
figure 2 – example search results

Click the 'x' in the blue tag to clear filters.


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